"Do I own all the flyers? No! I wish I owned them!"

Xray1 and DinkeyToy of 


<Satch>: OK, Xray1, welcome. Can you tell a little bit about yourself and your staff ?
<Xray1>:Ermm, 1st one is a big one! heh . Well, can you be a little more specific? Do you mean reallife or retrolife?
No no, reallife. We'll talk retrolife in a few minutes

Heh, well my real name is Gerard Maathuis (yes just mention it) and i'm working as a ICT-Specialist for a big company (name not given). Eric is a Computer Specialist whom I met on the internet (flyer-related). I'm  33 years YOUNG, for Eric I don't know (I'm ashamed). Think he was 31 or so...

DinkeyToy: Okay, well my name is Sandra Maathuis. I'm 32 years old and I work as an executive secretary at a company who produces removable partitions.
Now to retrolife: what's your special interest in arcade flyers ?, why not write an emulator for example ?

What's my interest....Well, I first saw the flyers for about 3 years ago on GameArchive and I really loved them. That's a little how I got addicted. Why not write an emulator? Simple. I don't have the skills. I stopped with simple Quick Basic coding ;) C-64 basic got me into that.

I like seeing what flyer goes with what game, that's fun and interesting. This interest began when Gerard started to collect them.
For people who don't know what flyers are: can you give a brief description ?
Sure; A flyer was a promotional leaflet that was spreaded among the distrubitors.

I hear people thinking: what's the value of a leaflet ?, it's the game that matters !

True, but it has become a collectors item. Hardcore Videogame collectors whant it all !! Cabinet/manuals/flyer etc etc. ;) Some rare flyers are sold on E-Bay for over $200 these days .

Don't tell me that you own all flyers ;-))

Do I own all the flyers? No!!!! I wish I owned them. I got about 250 / 300 flyers. I own some pretty rare flyers that cost a lot of money, but I don't known HOW much, maybe I put them on auction one of these days =).

How much time does it take to keep arcadeflyers.com running ?

Well, arcadeflyers indeed cost a lot of time and we all got a pretty busy reallife also. But we're doing pretty well. I think in hours one 9 to 5 day in the week

With a little help of SubNet ?

No no, not a little, SubNet is doing a great job on the site. He wrote the SQL database and more stuff for the site. Saves us a lot of time.We're now posting the flyers on the site and that's it. No more HTML Copy/Paste and other things =)

How did the two of you meet Subnet ?
In a flyer cafe ;D  Just kidding SubNet was/is a flyer collector and was making his collection available on the net. He directly mailed me that I could use his images. But after a short while he ran out of space and I invited him to join the site.
I thought in the beginning it was just you and DinkeyToy ?

Ehh, in the beginning it was only me. After a while SubNet, joined the site. In the meanwhile DinkeyToy became enthousiast and decided to 'help us out'.  So 1st me, then SubNet and then DinkeyToy.

Don't tell me that you've met your wife in a flyer cafe ;-))

LOL, no that's not the way we met. We worked at the same company ;) That's as far as it goes ;) LOL

For the record; I started with "The Flyer and Poster Archive for MAME" It was hosting flyers for Mame and in the beginning it was an  Geocities adress :) . After a short while (when I was out of space) I mailed different sites. Dave and Atila both wanted to host me but Atila was more fast (can you believe that!!!!)

Atila fast ??  No !!, You're kiddin' me !!
LOL, hehehe
And then ?

And then the site turned into mameflyers.retrogames.com Then Dennis of StartRaine contacted me and told about his front-end and asked me to do Raine flyers also. So we did. After getting bigger and bigger we decided to buy our own dotcom adress . Arcadeflyers was born. Read our new archive ;) It's still there @ the bottom. Altough I have to say we're still hosted by Ztnet(EmulationWorld).

Something spicey for your interview; We're getting another/new maintainer in the short future.

Is this a secret ?
ehhhhhhhhh, yeah, it still is. We didn't talked about everything so I think it's to early to mention his name. nickname=Strider heheheheh  Well, I think I got to reveal another secret now.....

1st think loads more of flyers will be added (ofcourse)

2nd For some games special tabs will be added with other information, As Game-Info, Manuals, SideArt and CPO's Pin-Out, Switch settings etc. etc.

This is even new for Dinkey, but that's what our 'new' maintainer is going to do =)
You're the first to know, this was decided today. I agree, think it's a good step to expand the site.
OK, short questions => short answers favorite game(s) ?
Moon Patrol
Puzzle Bobble
favorite emulator ? ;-)
Ehhhh, you were talking about videogames, right? I still want to buy a dedicated moon patrol cabinet
Xray1's Arcade Playground
next game to be emulated ?
Dragon's Lair ;P
House of the Dead 2 or Super Puzzle Bobble
(almost) final question: Is there's something i've forgotten to ask ?
think think think Q:Do you own a cabinet? A: Yes, 3  =)
Xray1's Arcade Playground
you've build them by yourself ?
Errmm, I molested one.... Is that the same???? And it even was an Italian one!!! DT has Italian blood.......
final question: who should be interviewed next ?
Ehhh Dennis Piet, he makes/made the START front-ends